Breakfast at Carmina & Lancelot

breakfast3 Breakfast at Carmina & Lancelot

BREAKFAST. The other day me and Bou had such an amazing breakfast at a place in Marylebone called Carmina & Lancelot. We were looking for a cosy place and when we saw this perfect spot in the sun, and saw that they served poached eggs we immediately knew we wanted to eat there! Both of us went for Egg Royal (Poached eggs on a bagel with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce) and added some avocado and rucola. It was sooooo amazing and we walked away from there super happy! Really the perfect breakfast. You can visit their site HERE.

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adminBreakfast at Carmina & Lancelot

PRADA presents


PRADA PRESENTS. Spaghetti and ancestors are the main focus in the collaboration between Wes Anderson and PRADA. I know it’s not really news anymore, but still exciting! Let’s let the video speak for itself.

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adminPRADA presents

x London x

xlondonx x London xx LONDON x. So as you all already know I’ve spend my week in Berlin and then London. For some reason I didn’t have that much time to take photos in Berlin but in London I did so I thought I would start off by sharing these photos from Saturday when we were walking around Spitafields Market and Brick Lane. We had such a great time walking around and looking at all the cool stuff!

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adminx London x


easter EASTEREASTER. As you’ve noticed, I’ve been MIA this week since I spent Sunday to Thursday in Berlin and left early Friday morning for London. So really haven’t had much time but next week it will be as usual again with regular posts! So as I said, I’m spending easter in London with Bou and his family. We’ve had such a great time here and quite sad to be heading back to Amsterdam tomorrow, even if it will be nice with some routine again!
Anyways, have a great easter and I’ll be back soon!
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Berlin Photo Diary I

trendeneur berlin2 Berlin Photo Diary IBERLIN. Here are some photos from today! Me and my group went to a museum, walked around a bit and went to a super nice restaurant where it unfortunately took ages for us to get our food… Now I’m going out for some shopping! Have a great day!

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adminBerlin Photo Diary I



Photo by Felicia Linden 

There hasn’t been a lot of posting lately since I’ve been trying to figure out the new design. But soon it should be up and running again. Since Sunday I have been in Berlin and except for the weather that has been absolutely SHIT it is a pretty cool city. But I’m hoping for some sun today!

So I will be here until Thursday and then on Friday morning I’m going to London with Bou and his family. So this week will be pretty exciting I would say. Anyways, now I’m going to visit a museum and walk around a bit in the city! Will post some photos later!
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LaceDressDramatic2 B&W

I have absolutely no clue where these last couple of days managed to fly away to but for some reason this was the fastest weekend in a long time. Last thursday my amazing boss treated me to a private salsa lesson which was so much fun! My hips has been moving involuntarily since then.

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Managing Accessorising? Bing Bang helps us out

bing bang lookbook 06 600x393 Managing Accessorising? Bing Bang helps us out
MANAGING ACCESSORISING? When I first laid my eyes on the delicate, yet tough jewelry by the New York-based studio Bing Bang I got completely speechless. The geometrical shapes of the brand’s Summer/Pre-Fall 2014 collection, made with strong metals is clearly inspired by punk and tribal aesthetics. However, they still succeed to make them look delicate and sophisticated, modern and timeless. I am a fan! Check it out HERE.

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adminManaging Accessorising? Bing Bang helps us out


goldandwhite3 GoldGOLD. Found these pics on my external hard drive and thought I would share them again. So, now I’m laying in bed drinking my coffee and watching some TEDx. My morning routine! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram if you want more daily updates! Soon I’m off to school and then work.

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A Magazine Curated By Iris van Herpen

trendeneur irisvanherpen A Magazine Curated By Iris van Herpen

A MAGAZINE CURATED BY IRIS VAN HERPEN. Everybody who are slightly interested in fashion are constantly in search new sources of inspiration. It can be different books, movies, museum visits – you name it. Personally, my favorite sources of inspiration are different magazines. There’s nothing I love more than laying in bed reading a completely fresh magazine and I am constantly on the look for new ones.

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adminA Magazine Curated By Iris van Herpen